What is Honey? Honey is not just a familiar childhood delicious and natural product… It is a real gem of nature! Let us explain why…

Honey is the main Russian superfood, which has been a source of good-for-health carbohydrates and a true home remedy for centuries.

No wonder honey plays an important role in Russian history and culture. It is commonly mentioned in fairy tales and is widely used in the rites of Russian Federation ethnic groups. Moreover, a lot of place names, holiday names (have you heard of Honey Feast of the Saviour) originate from the word ‘med (honey)’. Look, a symbol of Russia – the bear – sounds in Russian like ‘MEDved’, meaning ‘honey eater’.

Believe it or not, but there is even a more shocking property of honey. It can be mixed with various natural sources of health and longevity retaining all its benefits and increasing their impact on human body.

Realizing uniqueness and value of the natural honey, and taking into consideration importance of proper nutrition and health maintenance with the help of organic products, we have built the NATURUS brand.

Our brand guarantees the geographical origin of the product. Purchasing the honey, you can rest assured that it was collected and packaged in the region as per region number mentioned on the lid of a jar.

However, the most significant is that each type of our honey contains natural ingredients traditional for the region. They give that honey not only the peculiar taste, but also special health benefits as a result of the interactions between product ingredients.

For example, ‘NATURUS 22’ is not only geographically protected Altai honey. It is exactly what the Altai honey should be, i.e. containing maral velvet antlers and a maral root, which since olden times are the most important nutritional supplement  of the Altaians.

You would not only enjoy the real Altai honey, but also get saturated with the forces of nature of Russian Siberia.

Eat tasty and healthy our unique NATURUS products.

May your cup always be full!

Product list

Altai Red Deer Velvet Antler Honey with Maral Root

Weight: 210 g
Place of manufacture: The Altai Territory
Shelf Life is 18 months
Storage Temperature up to 20°C
Type of Honey: floral
Packaging: glass jar
Energy Value, kcal. (per 100g.): 335 kcal
Nutritional Value, Carbohydrates: 80g/100g

Natural Honey as per GOST 19792-2001 (State All-Union standard)
Extract from Maral velvet antlers as per GOST 4227-76
Rhaponticum carthamoides SP (State Pharmacopeia (Russia) XI, Vol. 2, PAGE 582
Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin) TU 9325-001-70692152-07

Manufactured in compliance with sanitary norms and rules as per The Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On food safety” TR CU 021/2011

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    Increases body’s resistance to cold-related diseases.

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    Improves performance

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    Normalizes sleep

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    It has a beneficial effect on reproductive function

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    Speeds up metabolism

For Vendors


Low primary investment

To start working with us, you need to invest only 3000 $* (delivery at the customer’s expense)


Marginal profit 45%

Purchasing at cost price of 15 $ per jar.


A world of market outlets

(online stores, eco-stores, pharmacies) our design is unlike the competition.


Flexibility of the manufacturer

Deadlines and system of payment

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    The product has healing properties and can be sold as an Oral Nutritional Supplement (ONS)

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    The product can be used as a gift

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    The product is certified on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (Eurasian Customs Union)

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    Shipping multiple-unit packaging allows you to move goods on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Where to buy

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г. Самара, Некрасовская ул., 63 “Tolstoy Coffee”

г. Самара, ул. Ново-Садовая, 106, секция  302 А “Феникс”

Г. Самара, ул. Молодогвардейская 223, “Greennation”

г. Самара, Волжское шоссе 108, м-н “Польза природы” (ТЦ “АГРОПАРК” секция А0-08)

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