The countries of the world have their advantages in the production of various food products. This is due to the peculiarities of the geographical location and climate, and the traditions of local cuisine. Supporting the development of agriculture and processing, as well as the level of production culture in the food industry are also important factors.

Russia is one of the few countries where all these factors are combined. Large territory with little anthropogenic impact, many climatic zones favorable for crop production and animal husbandry, and centuries-old traditions of producing high-quality agricultural and food products – all this is about Russia. Already as early as in the beginning of the 20th century, Russian Empire was a world leader in the export of wheat and butter. Today, more than a hundred years later, the importance of Russia for the world export of many key types of products is also decisive.

The provision of a good level of quality and large-scale mass production can be called the main achievement in the food industry of the Soviet period. The concept of GOST (all-Union State Standard) for food products has since been widely known not only in Russia but also abroad. And today, one can count thousands of small and medium-sized companies in the various regions of Russia, that produce high-quality products of the widest range, namely, groceries, fat-and-oil products, dairy products, confectionery, etc.

The NATURUS brand was created in favor of consumers of high-quality Russian food products around the world.

It combines the use of natural agricultural raw materials, the quality traditions of the Soviet GOST, and the best modern practices of production and distribution of goods.

We present a wide range of food products, including flour and cereals, fat-and-oil products, and other high-quality products of natural origin.

All products are produced in Russia from local raw materials in regions with traditional specialization in specific types of products and are united by the NATURUS trademark, properly registered according to the established procedure.

We invite you to test our products and make sure of their high quality at an affordable price level.

Product list

Altai Red Deer Velvet Antler Honey with Maral Root

Weight: 210 g
Place of manufacture: The Altai Territory
Shelf Life is 18 months
Storage Temperature up to 20°C
Type of Honey: floral
Packaging: glass jar
Energy Value, kcal. (per 100g.): 335 kcal
Nutritional Value, Carbohydrates: 80g/100g

Natural Honey as per GOST 19792-2001 (State All-Union standard)
Extract from Maral velvet antlers as per GOST 4227-76
Rhaponticum carthamoides SP (State Pharmacopeia (Russia) XI, Vol. 2, PAGE 582
Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin) TU 9325-001-70692152-07

Manufactured in compliance with sanitary norms and rules as per The Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On food safety” TR CU 021/2011

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    Increases body’s resistance to cold-related diseases.

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    Improves performance

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    Normalizes sleep

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    It has a beneficial effect on reproductive function

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    Speeds up metabolism

For Vendors


Low primary investment

To start working with us, you need to invest only 3000 $* (delivery at the customer’s expense)


Marginal profit 45%

Purchasing at cost price of 15 $ per jar.


A world of market outlets

(online stores, eco-stores, pharmacies) our design is unlike the competition.


Flexibility of the manufacturer

Deadlines and system of payment

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    The product has healing properties and can be sold as an Oral Nutritional Supplement (ONS)

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    The product can be used as a gift

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    The product is certified on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (Eurasian Customs Union)

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    Shipping multiple-unit packaging allows you to move goods on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Where to buy

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г. Самара, ул. Ново-Садовая, 181р, м-н “Польза природы” (ТЦ “Поток”, 1 этаж, секция 109)

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